The Project's management and all its partners considered it necessary to extend the execution period of LIFE-ZEPAURBAN. On the one hand, some actions --especially those related to the pilot experience at feeding areas-- have suffered from significant delays. On the other hand, the current situation due to COVID-19 has conditioned the work of all partners and had an impact on the undertaking of other project actions.

Because of that, it was considered necessary to extend the completion date of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project to include spring of 2021. This extension has been approved by the European Commission; thus, the completion date has been extended by eight months with the new project closing date being August 31, 2021.

This period will be key for the undertaking of some of the project's actions; however, above all, it will serve to evaluate the monitoring measures for the improvements made to feeding habitats and for the rest of the actions. Thanks to the extension we will be able to home in on the results obtained in the project, which will be essential in order to achieve its objectives.