URBAN BIRDING brings together different companies in the region: official tourist guides, ornithological guides, and nature guides; activity, photography, and related companies; lodges, restaurants, and culinary establishments; art studios and drawing and painting workshops. Its aim is to introduce visitors to a range of quality tourist activities.

Thus, URBAN BIRDING brings together a wide variety of tourist activities and experiences which allow travelers to learn, enjoy, and observe lesser kestrels in their urban habitats and in the nearby feeding areas.  And all of this is combined with the other resources that Extremadura offers to tourists, such as its rich historical/artistic heritage, its enviable nature, and the quality of its culinary delights.  In addition, of course, there is the warmth, friendliness, and hospitality of its people. This is just the beginning of your URBAN BIRDING adventure.

These more than 60 tourist experiences are presented together in a catalog that you can visit and download from here.  The guide is in Spanish and English. In the catalog you will find, in addition to a description of each experience, the technical data, prices, and contact details of the companies that are responsible for each activity so that you can enjoy them, reserve them (if required to do so), and request more information as needed.

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Tourist Experiences catalog (updated)