The Natura 2000 Network is an ecological network of areas for the conservation of biodiversity and it represents the most ambitious European initiative to protect the natural heritage of the European Union.

Extremadura has 1.2 million hectares in the Natura 2000 Network –30.2% of its territory–, divided into 87 Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and 69 Special Protection Areas for Birds (SPAs).  

Extremadura is therefore considered one of the most important European regions for birds and, thus, it is among the most desired destinations for birdwatchers and nature lovers from around the world who are attracted by the possibility of seeing birds in natural habitats of great beauty while also enjoying the interesting cultural and historical heritage of the region.

It is worth highlighting the importance of Extremadura in the conservation of some of the most threatened bird species in Europe and the habitats where they live, with species as emblematic as the Spanish imperial eagle (57 pairs), the black stork (196 pairs), the black vulture (968 pairs), Bonelli's eagle (91 pairs), the Egyptian vulture (156 pairs), the lesser kestrel (1,600 pairs), Montagu's harrier (414 pairs), the great bustard (2,350 individuals), and the common crane (130,000 individuals) finding refuge here.

Extremadura has long been preparing its variety of experiences for ornithological tourists and features highly specialized companies which form part of the "Birding in Extremadura" Product Club. You will find all the information on Extremadura's ornithological resources, as well as the club and tourist events related to birds, on the website www.birdinginextremadura.com.

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