Natura 2000 is a network of areas of high ecological value and is the main instrument for the development of European Union policies focused on guaranteeing biodiversity conservation, placing special attention on the most threatened habitats and species of plants and animals….

Natura 2000 is the result of the application of two EU directives: The Directive 2009/147/CE of the European Parliament and Council of 30th November 2009 relating to the conservation of wild birds and the Directive 92/43/CEE of the Council of 21st May, relating to the conservation of natural habitats and wild fauna and flora. Currently in Extremadura there are 89 Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) established in agreement with the Habitats Directive and 71 Special Protection Areas for birds (SPA) designated under the Birds Directive. The Natura 2000 network in Extremadura is regulated by the DECREE 110/2015, of 19th May.