Between last May and June, the lesser kestrel chicks scheduled for release this year under the LIFE ZEPAURBAN Project were indeed released.

DEMA is a beneficiary partner of this Project and is responsible, among other things, for undertaking this action -- an action aimed at the production of chicks in the Lesser Kestrel Breeding Center and their release into the natural environment for the recovery of the urban SPA of San Vicente de Alcántara.

The colony, which lost its specimens decades earlier, was located in the building of the San Vicente Mártir Parish Church in San Vicente de Alcántara (Badajoz). Currently the colony is beginning to recover thanks to this chick re-introduction project.

A total of 50 chicks born at the DEMA Breeding Center were released this year in San Vicente de Alcántara between May and June of 2020.

In addition, DEMA has produced for release another 100 more chicks for new projects within programs and actions that said NGO carries out for the recovery of the lesser kestrel in the natural environment -- in this case, in Zuera (Zaragoza) and in Castro del Río (Córdoba).


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