The General Directorate of Tourism, as a partner of the LIFE ZEPAURBAN Project in its commitment to strengthening the “URBAN BIRDING” Product, has provided all its members with various materials for the theming of their establishments.

"URBAN BIRDING" is an urban ornithological tourism product that is based on the development of activities that generate local economic wealth around the observation of the lesser kestrel in five Extremaduran towns: Cáceres, Jerez, Plasencia, Trujillo, and Zafra.

With these innovative materials developed alongside the tourist product, it is intended for the customers of these establishments to become familiar with the importance of this small falcon's presence -- a species that we are lucky to share a neighborhood with from April to August each year, as well as the tourist possibilities on offer.

Among the published materials are informational sheets with different illustrations of the lesser kestrel, "do not disturb" hangers for tourist lodges, and children's sheets with cut-out "play with your own lesser kestrel" activities.

For the General Directorate of Tourism, ornithological tourism is a strategic sector that is quite important for the region -- a region which, thanks to the heritage tourism combination, offers a product that is highly competitive on the national and international scene. It is intended to bet heavily on this winning combination's development.