Tagging individual lesser kestrels with GPS transmitters

Within action A2 of LIFE ZEPAURBAN Study and characterisation of the feeding habitats of lesser kestrels in urban SPAs and roosts in Extremadura, a significant number of individuals have been captured and tagged in three urban SPAs in the region: Acedera (Badajoz), Casa de La Enjarada (Cáceres) and Trujillo (Cáceres).



The VI workshop “URBAN SPAs OF EXTREMADURA. CONSERVATION AND TOURISM” will take place on 18th May, organised by the General Directorate of Tourism and The General Directorate of the Environment of the Government of Extremadura, as part of the City of Cáceres Bird Festival (www.festivaldelasavescaceres.com). 


New developments in the Life ZEPAURBAN Project

The Life ZEPAURBAN Project is preparing several novelties: within the framework of actions E4 and E9 of the project.


Stand FIO 2018 - ZEPAURBAN Project

The International Ornithology Fair (Feria Internacional de Ornitología, FIO) will be held from 23rd to 25th February at the Monfragüe​ National Park and the LIFE ZEPAURBAN Project will have a space on the stand of the State Tourist Office.


Experiments in the field and the validation of the new GPS transmitters for the lesser kestrel

On Friday 2nd February 2018 a technical meeting was held in the installations of the State Office for the Environment of the Regional Government of Extremadura by the members of the LIFE ZEPAURBAN Project, the State Office for the Environment, and Terra Naturalis together with the company Microsensory SL. This company has been awarded the tender for supplying satellite and GPS transmitters so as to carry out the follow-up of over 50 individuals of Lesser Kestrel in the forthcoming years.


Meeting of heritage and environment technicians for the carrying out of actions C1 and C2 in the Cáceres SPA

As a continuation of the joint visit in May of the technicians of the State Office of Libraries, Museums, and Cultural Heritage and of the State Office for the Environment to the historic centre of Cáceres, on 15th September 2017 they held a further meeting to specify the work to be carried out in the SPA of the “Lesser kestrel colonies in the Monumental Town of Cáceres”, which must be completed before the lesser kestrels return from their winter quarters.


First joint census of lesser kestrel roosts in extremadura as part of the LIFE ZEPAURBAN project

Before leaving on their autumn migration to their winter quarters in Africa, lesser kestrels assemble in roosts that may contain as many as thousands of individuals from different areas.


Investments for works begin at LIFE-ZEPAURBAN

The Libraries, Museums, and Cultural Heritage Authority of the Regional Government of Extremadura is starting investments to strengthen the roof of the Church of La Purificación in Almendralejo.


Manufacture of mortar-cork nest boxes for lesser kestrels

On 24th July the team involved in action A6 (“Industrial manufacture of mortar-cork nest boxes”) of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project met to assess the performance of the new nest boxes in the various tests carried out.


Download our wallpaper of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project

There's nothing better for the summer than choosing new wallpaper for your desktop. And if it's from the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project for the conservation of the lesser kestrel, better still.