Within the framework of action A1 (Initial census of the lesser kestrel population in urban ZEPAs and roosts of Extremadura), the first lesser kestrel census has begun. It is being carried out in the 19 urban ZEPA of Extremadura and also in two colonies because they are also urban and are included in spaces of the Natura 2000 network: the Convento de la Visitación of Puebla de Alcocer (Orellana Reservoir and Sierra de Pela ZEPA-ZEC) and the Convento de la Luz in Brozas (Alcántara and Brozas Plains ZEPA-ZEC).

The methodology for the carrying out of this census was drawn up by the partners responsible for this action, Terra Naturalis and DEMA, with the participation of the State Office for the Environment. This methodology was revised and agreed at the first meeting of the scientific committee (action F2) which was held on 15th February 2017.

The first visit to the colony is being made at about this time to coincide with the pre-laying period; all pairs will be counted including those that may fail and subsequently disappear from the colony and also floating individuals.

The census is being carried out in the early morning and late afternoon to coincide with the periods of maximum activity in colonies at this stage of breeding. Two later visits will be made to coincide with the end of incubation/the presence of small chicks and with the presence of larger chicks respectively.