All LIFE projects have the support of an external team for their follow-up which has been appointed by the European Commission. The main duties of this external team are advising and supporting the Commission in the follow-up and assessment of the activities of the projects and also maintaining regular contact with the beneficiaries and advising them in a more direct way about any doubts and difficulties that may arise during the development of the projects.

The person of the external team appointed to follow up and support the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project is Dolores Hedo, who has made an initial visit to get to know the project and its partners at first hand. The meeting took place at the Regional Ministry for the Environment and Rural Affairs, Agricultural Policies, and Territory of Mérida and was attended by the eight partners taking part in the project: the State Tourism Office, the State Office of Libraries, Museums, and the Cultural Heritage, INTROMAC, DEMA, Terra Naturalis, Laruinagrafica S.L., and Prefabricados Extremadura 2002 S.L. together with the State Office for the Environment as the coordinator of the LIFE project.

At the meeting all of the partners were informed of the duties of Dolores as a follow-up technician of LIFE projects. The main actions of the project initiated so far have been revised together with the administrative documentation of the partners. This was a key moment for resolving the queries that had arisen in this initial stage of the project.

In future visits it will be possible to show the external team in situ the work carried out for the LIFE project by making visits to its areas of action.

Special Bird Protection Areas in built-up areas of Extremadura - Conservation and tourism