As part of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project we have created in Extremadura a tourist product related to the lesser kestrel which we have called URBAN BIRDING as a further tool to encourage the conservation of the species. This initiative brings together various companies in the region as specialised guides, activity companies, accommodation, restaurants, art studios… so as to provide through them a wide range of tourist experiences allowing you to enjoy the observation of lesser kestrels and other protected birds in their urban habitats and areas of influence, combining in a novel manner the historical heritage, nature, culture, and the quality of the gastronomic products of Extremadura.

Within the URBAN BIRDING tourist product several actions have been carried out in recent years, ranging from training workshops for the companies taking part in it to the publication of a catalogue of experiences or maps of urban ZEPAs with itineraries, videos, and promotional spots. Now at the closing stage of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project we are launching a final action before URBAN BIRDING definitively starts to operate on its own; this action includes everything we have done to date in the sector of urban ornithological tourism in Extremadura so as to offer it to the public in the simplest and most accessible way possible, synthesised and of course digital.  

We have created the URBAN BIRDING APP with all the tourist experiences organised by towns, our urban birdwatching routes, and all the information you need on the lesser kestrel and its conservation. It is already available for Android at the Google Play Store and will shortly also be available for Apple at its App Store. Download it now, come to Extremadura, and practice URBAN BIRDING!

Google Play (android) - URBAN BIRDING