of its food, the loss of nesting sites and competition for the same, and disturbance during the breeding season.

Moreover, the chicks suffer a high rate of accidental falls to the ground when they begin to venture outside the nest; as they are not yet able to fly they are easy prey for their predators. They may also be injured or even killed by these falls as some nests are situated at a height of over 75 m; the high temperature inside the nests, competition for the food brought by their parents, and a scarcity of safe places to perch also contribute towards the risk of falls.

Several of the actions included in the Life-ZEPAURBAN project are intended to palliate this situation, such as the development of a new nestbox to minimise the risks of predation at the nest and the falls of chicks, thanks to its improved temperature and anti-predator ramps.

Anti-predator ramps have also been included in the putlog-hole covers installed during the work carried out as part of the Life project. In some colonies, such as that of the Trujillo silo or the Church of La Purificación in Almendralejo, parapets or barriers have been installed to prevent falls.

If you find a chick which has fallen out of its nest, call immediately the free-of-charge number 900 351 858. If you can, catch it by covering it with a dark cloth so as not to frighten it and put it in a cardboard box in which you have made a few holes and leave it covered in a quiet place until they come to collect it. Never put it in a cage or try to give it food or water.