Last week, the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN Project received a visit from Sara Mora, from the NEEMO-IDOM external team of the European Commission, so that she could see firsthand how the project is unfolding. On Monday the 9th, a meeting of all the partners was held in Mérida in which the development of the project's main actions was reviewed and their future was analyzed.

On Tuesday the 10th, different towns were visited in which LIFE Project actions are taking place. In Acedera, the works to improve the nesting sites of the lesser kestrel at the La Asunción (Assumption) Church were visited. Next, two agricultural and livestock farms were visited where collaboration agreements are being undertaken to improve the feeding areas of the species. The visit continued in Zafra where a meeting was held in the town hall to learn how the management of the urban SPA and the development of the project are being experienced in said municipality. The meal was held at the La Marquesa restaurant, an establishment that is part of the Urban Birding Tourist Product. In the afternoon, the actions carried out at Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria were visited, where a meeting was held with the different parties involved. Lastly, Sara Mora was able to have several tourist experiences related with the Urban Birding Product: a guided tour through the historic center of Zafra that ended at the Parador Hotel where she saw firsthand the urban sketch combining cultural and natural heritage. The day ended with a tasting of Cava sparkling wine from Extremadura.

We at Life ZEPAURBAN want to thank Sara Mora for her visit and willingness to help us achieve the objectives of the project. We also want to thank the collaborating estates in Acera, the Zafra City Hall, the La Marquesa restaurant, José Ángel Losada Gahete, Miguel Ángel Domínguez, Alberto Montero de Al-senera (parish priest, health and safety coordinator, and company awarded the works of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, respectively), Marisol Lozano (Director of Tourism at the Zafra City Hall), Adolfo Garcia Boraita from Naturaleza del Sur, Manuel García from Estudio Brocoli, and Cata con Cati for their help to make the visit a success.

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